Is this your missing “ingredient”?

Many times, diet is the missing “ingredient” in a recipe for results!

Exercise by itself, just is NOT enough.

You have to have a good diet also!

What is a good diet?

A good diet consists of eating well-balanced meals throughout the day. Ideally, eating 5 meals spaced 3 hours a part.

Why 5 meals every 3 hours? Well, it generally takes about 3 hours to digest a meal completely. So after 3 hours the body is ready to eat! Unfortunately, many have a habit of skipping meals, especially breakfast. Do NOT skip breakfast (or any meal for that matter). Breakfast is designed to do just exactly what it says, to “break” the “fast” from the previous day. Breaking that “fast” is essential to jumpstarting your metabolism.

We want a FAST metabolism. Just like feeding a campfire small pieces of wood frequently to get the most heat and steady flame, by constantly feeding the body when it is ready, the metabolism is on FIRE and burning calories!

What about calories? It is imperative that the correct number of calories are taken in each and every day. Caloric intake is highly individualized, however, it can be based on age, weight, activity and then adjusted accordingly. Let me help you with this!

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