Get Real with Shaun T

What is it?
Get Real with Shaun T is an in-home fitness program that combines cardio and strength training geared toward young people ages 9 and up.

Trainer Shaun T partnered with the National Institutes of Health for this special collaboration, which was created as part of a study aimed at tweens.

The goal is to get kids moving at an early age to ward off potential health problems and help maintain a healthy weight for life.

Why is it effective?
The workouts in Get Real are designed to be fun for kids, to match their energy levels, and to show other real kids working out and having a good time. The group atmosphere makes exercising fun, and working out in the privacy of their home is less intimidating for many kids than working out in a gym or in classes.

After each workout, Shaun T and the kids in the video talk about why it’s important to exercise and be strong, what they need to be healthy, and how much better they feel after exercising.

Get Real and NIH
Get Real was developed in conjunction with a 2008 National Institutes of Health study of 6,000 young people, ages 11 to 14. Over 1 year, 1,000 tweens received a nutritional lunch program, while 5,000 received both the nutritional lunch program and 2 workout DVDs—copies of Get Real—for “homework.”

What makes Get Real unique?
Get Real features teenagers who are working out to feel good and have fun. It isn’t gimmicky or silly, and Shaun T puts together drills that are easy to follow. The music is upbeat and motivating, and it’s appropriate for everyone.  Alternating between cardio and strength makes this a wellrounded, full-body program.

What kind of results can people get with Get Real?
By alternating the cardio and strength workouts 5 to 6 days a week, Get Real can help you burn calories and lose weight while toning muscles for a lean, tight body. By incorporating good eating habits, you can maintain your strong body for life.

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Product info
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