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RevAbs – Your 90-Day Ab Solution

RevAbs – Your 90-Day Ab Solution

RevAbs Your 90-Day Ab Solution


What is it?
RevAbs is an innovative new home workout program that combines cardio and strength training with a unique form of ab work. It’s specifically designed to burn off the fat and give you a six-pack in just 90 days.

With RevAbs, you work the abdominal muscles from six different angles for a smaller waist and toned midsection. Added interval-training techniques burn fat at the highest rate possible.

Oh snap!  A six-pack in 90 days!

Oh snap! A six-pack in 90 days! – GET REVABS NOW!

Why is it effective?
With creator Brett Hoebel’s Abcentrics method, you do full-body cardio and strength training in addition to ab work, but you “fire” your abs during every movement. That means you’re toning and tightening your abs the whole time. You get faster and more balanced results than you could from crunches alone, or from any “ab machine” on the market.

RevAbs includes plenty of strength training and cardio intervals to boost your metabolism and scorch calories. You define your abs and get rid of fat to reveal a great-looking midsection.


Celebrity Trainer Brett Hoebel
Known to fans as “El Capitan” and “The Dues Collector,” Brett Hoebel is a sought-after fitness, strength, and nutrition expert in New York and Los Angeles, with a background in biomedical science and extensive training in martial arts.
Brett has trained celebrities ranging from athletes to actresses and Victoria’s Secret models, as well as everyday people looking for weight loss and fitness. He was the co-host of Fit Family on the Discovery Health Channel, and has appeared on such shows as The View and Good Morning America. He also provides fitness advice to magazines, including Vogue, Allure, Elle, Shape, and Self.

How does Abcentrics work?
Abcentrics teaches you a simple yet powerful breathing technique that allows you to “fire” your abs during every movement. You’re strengthening your abs even while doing total-body exercises, so every workout is an ab workout.
If you want a smaller waist and flat, well-defined abs, you need to develop your entire midsection. That’s why RevAbs works your abdominals from six directions:

  1. Upper flexion
  2. Lower flexion
  3. Double flexion
  4. Side flexion
  5. Twist
  6. Extension

With this 360-degree approach, you can work every angle to achieve balanced core strength and incredible-looking abs.

What makes RevAbs unique?
Unlike other ab programs, RevAbs works the abdominal muscles from every angle, which helps create a strong, tight core. And it teaches you to keep your abs activated during strength training and cardio exercises, so you can continue building your six-pack while burning off the fat that keeps it from showing through.

The program is partly based on capoeira, a dance-like Afro-Brazilian martial art that includes aspects of acrobatics and kickboxing. Its fluid full-body movements make it a refreshing change from old-fashioned ab workouts.

Equipment needs
These other Beachbody products can help with RevAbs workouts:

  • Beachbody® Plyometrics Mat
  • B-LINES® Resistance Bands

Product info
Retail: $79.90
Club: $71.91
Coach: $59.93

What You Get
9 ab-intensive workouts that engage your abs from 6 different angles so every move counts.

Plus you’ll get these practical tools to maximize your results:RevGuideNutrition GuideRevAbs Wall CalendarRev It Up Cardio Bonus DVDAnytimeAnywhere Abs GuideProfessional Fat Caliper; and Online Support.