Shaun T’s Kids Fit Club

Fitness, Dance and Fun - Kid StyleWhat is It?
Shaun T’s Fit Kids® Club is an in-home dance-based fitness program geared toward young people ages 7 and up.

Trainer Shaun T teaches fun, easy-to-follow hip hop moves that will get kids off the couch and out dancing on the floor. He grooves along with you every step of the way, making the moves simple to learn. The goal is to get kids moving at an early age, to ward off health problems and help maintain a
healthy weight for life.

Why is it effective?
The workouts in Fit Kids Club are designed to be engaging for kids, to match their interests and energy levels, and to show other real kids working out
and having a good time. The group atmosphere makes exercising fun, and working out at home is less intimidating for many kids than working out in
a gym or in classes.

After each workout, Shaun and the kids in the videos talk about why it’s important to exercise and be strong, why they enjoy dancing hip hop, and how much better they feel after exercising.

  • The 30-Day Fitness Calendar helps keep track of workouts
  • The Smart Snacking Guide teaches sensible eating and helps choose the best healthy, kid-friendly snack ideas.
  • The Guide to Reading Nutrition Labels shows you how to read food labels so you can evaluate what’s in the foods you eat.

Make Fit Kids Club part of a healthy lifestyle
Studies show that creating family habits that develop smart eating and physical activity can make it easier for everyone to maintain a healthy weight. By helping your kids learn the value of exercise and good nutrition early on, you can help them build healthy practices for life.  Introducing them to Fit Kids Club is a great way to start. For more ideas, check out the NIH We Can! program and handbook at

What makes Fit Kids® Club unique?
Fit Kids Club features young people who are exercising to feel good and have fun. It isn’t gimmicky or silly.  Shaun leads simple routines that anyone can do—no need to be a trained dancer. After teaching the moves, he shows ways to combine them and gives time to freestyle, allowing you to express yourself. The music is upbeat and motivating, and it’s appropriate for everyone.

Portions of Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club sales are sent to the GO Campaign, benefiting locally-led grassroots programs serving children in need.

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Product info
Retail price: $19.95
Club price: $17.95
Coach price: $14.96