Total Body Solution

Total Body SolutionWhat is it?
Total Body Solution® is a series of workout drills designed to help prevent injuries and heal pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, abs, lower back, and knees.

Fitness trainer Debbie Siebers has teamed up with neurophysiologist Chad Waterbury to help you identify which parts of your body have been affected by injury or stress. Then Debbie demonstrates easy-to-follow drills to help restore your range of motion and increase your endurance. The drills are designed to be safe, effective, and simple, to help you relieve and avoid pain.

Why is it effective?
Chad Waterbury is an expert in human physiology and movement, and he helped Debbie Siebers recover from chronic aches and pains after years of working out. They bring their combined expertise to help you achieve the same results at home.

The program begins with an assessment to identify your strength and range of motion in five areas of your body. Then there are drills targeted to your specific areas of need. These drills help alleviate pain, stiffness, and nagging injuries to restore your body to maximum functionality.

Chad coaches you through each drill while Debbie demonstrates how they’re done to ensure that you’re doing them properly.

What kind of results can people get with Total Body Solution?
Many people have used Total Body Solution to relieve both major and minor post-exercise soreness and to rehabilitate injuries. Others have used it before working out to ensure their bodies are fully warmed up prior to doing the exercises. It also restores range of motion and strength to people suffering from stiffness and pain, either from injury or after tough workouts.

What makes Total Body Solution® unique?
In as little as 15 minutes, every other day, Total Body Solution can help you recover from old injuries and prevent new ones. The drills are targeted to specific parts of the body that are most prone to injury, allowing you to focus on the areas that affect you.

Total Body Solution retrains your body to work the way it was designed to, without painkillers or chiropractor visits.

Equipment needs
Total Body Solution requires no equipment.

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Club price: $26.95
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