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Working Out While Traveling – Hotels, P90X, INSANITY – Oh My!

Working Out While Traveling – Hotels, P90X, INSANITY – Oh My!

You can still get results from your program while traveling!Travel can definitely impact your exercise program, but with a little dedication and ingenuity, you can stay on track and still get results!

If you are doing a program like INSANITY or Hip Hop Abs, all you need is ample space and something to play your DVD.  But, even if you are doing a program like P90X, TurboFire, RevAbs, ChaLEAN Extreme, Turbo Jam, Slim In 6, or Power 90, there are options!

Preparation is key. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track and continue to get results.

What to pack?

  • Resistance bands.  Don’t forget to throw the resistance bands in your luggage!  They are light and easy to pack.  You can use bands over dumbbells or band pulldowns over pullups.
  • Workout DVDs.  If you don’t take your DVDs, chances are you’re not exercising.  By taking them, you are one step closer to staying on schedule.
  • Laptop/iPhone/iPod.  Many hotel rooms have in-room TVs with DVD players, but many don’t.  So, bring your laptop so you can play your DVD.  Another option is to put your DVDs on your iPod or iPhone. 
  • Packets and bars.  Do NOT forget to pack plenty P90X Results and Recovery Formula AND Shakeology packets.  Also travel with P90X Peak Performance Bars so that you make sure you don’t skip any meals if you have a layover or are stuck in a traffic. 

In the Hotel

  • If you’re worried about noise for the downstairs neighbors, ask the receptionist for a ground floor room or a room without a guest room underneath.
  • Workout during “awake hours” if possible (9 am – 7 pm) so you minimize the risk of waking/bothering neighbors.
  • Check out the exercise facility at the hotel to see if they have free weight dumbbells, a pull-up bar (if needed) or other device you can use to hang resistance bands from.
  • Ask the hotel if they have an unused meeting room or empty room you could use for an hour.
  • You Hotel Room Is Your Gym.  Don’t be afraid to move furniture around to give you adequate space to do your workouts.  As long as you place stuff back in place, the Hotel shouldn’t care.
  • Use a clean bathroom towel (or your exercise mat if you brought it) on the floor to keep yourself off of the dirty floor.
  • Use the hotel room bathroom door for the resistance bands. Open the door so there is a half inch crack between the door edge and the door casing, then slide the band into the opening from the top of the door and let it rest on the top door bracket.  Each side of the band will then straddle the door.  Next, grip the exercise band handles and move back away from the door and get down on your knees. Lean forward as far as you can from waist so that your arms and back are straight and when extended they are extended they are in the same plane as the bands from the top of the hinge.  This will give a decent pull-up effect.

Finally, as Tony Horton says in his P90X workouts, “Do your best and forget the rest.”  Simply adapt and substitute exercises and work as hard as possible to achieve that great burn.  Any effort is better than none and your body will thank you.  “I’m smilin’ cause I love it.” – Shaun T


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